• summary of basic Emacs operation
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  • Open Terminal, enter ‘emacs’ to start. In mac OS X, C refers to “Control” Key, and M represents “Option” key. Here is how to configure mapping meta key to “Option”:

    Terminal -> Preference -> Setting -> Keyboard -> Check the option "Use Option as meta key"


    • C-v Move Forward one screenful
    • M-v Move Backward one screenful
    • C-l Clear screen and redisplay all the text, moving the text around the cursor to the center of the screen
    • C-n Move to next line
    • C-p Move to previous line
    • C-f Move forward a character
    • C-b Move backward a character
    • M-f Move forward a word
    • M-b Move backward a word
    • C-a Move to beginning of line
    • C-e Move to end of line
    • M-a Move back to the beginning of the sentence
    • M-e Move forward to the end of the sentence
    • M-< Move to the beginning of article
    • M-> Move to the end of article

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    • C-g Stop a command
    • C-x N Split the screen
    • C-x 1 Kill other windows
    • C-u 0 C-l shrink the window, put the current line(cursor) to the top of screen
    • C-h k C-f


    • C-d delete the character after current cursor
    • M-d kill the next word after the cursor
    • C-k Kill from the cursor position to the end of line
    • M-k Kill to the end of the current sentence
    • C-SPACE select the text, then C-w to kill the selected text

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