• Using SSH to access Raspberry Pi
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  • We will using SSH to control pI remotely without a monitor or keyboard connected to Pi. Enable SSH function from the pi’s config.Then read the inet IP address from ifconfig. Using the command to SSH your pi.

    $ ssh username@IP address

    “Host key verification failed” means that the host key of the remote host was changed.

    ssh-keygen -R hostname

    Xserver Windows remote connection:

    ssh -X <ip address of Rpi> -l <username on Rpi>

    If you want to open image on the terminal, please install the software “eog” on your raspberry pi:

    sudo apt-get install eog
    eog hello.jpg

    Using SCP to copy a folder from host to remote:

    scp -r username@remoteIP:remotedirection/ /localdirection/